Friday, 31 October 2014

100 WC prompts Green Cat Broken Swimming Lifted

There was a green cat.He lived in a big brown box beside a broken swimming pool.One day the cat decided to go for a walk.So he left the pool and went outside.He saw a playground in the distance and he ran all the way there.It was a big rusty old playground,it looked ancient.The green cat jumped onto a seesaw but it just fell apart.Then suddenly a mysterious light lifted him into the sky.The light gave him magical powers and he could now speak English.Once he had fallen back down to earth he walked back home only to find it was surrounded by people"why are you here"asked the the cat but instead of answering him they all ran away screaming.He was confused by what happened so he went over to his box and fell asleep.

Friday, 24 October 2014

100 word challenge week 8

it was the year 1002.There was a great necromancer named Zanlin who was terribly evil.Everybody hated and feared him until a Mage named Jurgan Windcaller came.He was a light mage and with a warrior named Jack the dragon slayer they destroyed Zanlin the dark necromancer and turned him to stone.
They thought that was the end but it wasent because 1012 years later it all happened again.A marshal was examining the statue like Zanlin when he started glowing.And he turned back to normal and took over the world.Before long the two heros defeated Zanlin once more.