Thursday, 24 September 2015

Term 3 Refletion

It is now the end of Term 3,and in this blog post I will be stating 3 things that I did well this Term and 3 things that i could improve on next Term.

3 Things I did well.

(1) Groups. The first thing that I think I did well this Term is choosing my groups/people to I work with.because when I chose the wrong people I would get distracted easily.

(2)Mat.On the mat I feel that I was pretty good,because when on the mat I didn't talk (much)because when you talk on the mat you would get in trouble and you would have to move.So that's my second reason,so on to the last.

(3)Work.I think that I did Pretty well at finishing my work,like with tests,SDL,math,reading and my writing work,I finished it all to a good standard,and I would mostly finish it on time

3 Things that I could improve on next term.

(1)Staying on task.Most of the time would be on task,but,there would always be times when I would get distracted.

(2)Listening.Sometimes when the teacher was explaining something I would stop listening halfway through what they were talking about.And I would later have to ask what we were doing.

(3)The 3rd and final thing that I will need to improve on next term is...Joining in.This is because when we are having a group/class discussion I would normally not participate.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games

over the past 3 days 38 different schools have been competing in a sports tournament called Koru Games.
In this tournament we had a choice out of these sports,Basketball,Football,Volleyball,Netball,Touch,swimming,rugby 7's and lawn bowls. Here at Oakland's our choices were narrowed down to Touch,football,netball and Basketball. The sport that I was put in was touch,all-tho not my favourite game,I had lots of fun playing.

What I really enjoyed about my time playing was the fair play and honesty we received from the opposing teams.Another thing I enjoyed was all the teamwork that we had in our games.And also after every day was over and we were waiting to leave we had a bit of fun just playing games and talking.

Thinking back to the start of the year I think I really improved in my enthusiasm towards the game,because at the start of year I just felt like I didn't want to be there,I just didn't want to play touch,I really just hated the game,but now?I feel like I could just go and play any time and be cool with it.

My goal for the next Koru Games is; if there are more choices in the sports our teachers give us i'll go and try some other one's like (hopefully!) Swimming.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Term 3 Goal

My goal this term is about SDL. The goal that I have in mind is,to finish as much SDL as possible each and every week. So each activity I will try too complete fast and to a good standard. Tis will help me to get more work done, and allow me to do discovery on Friday,as long as I also compete my homework every week.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Reading work for week 3

This week (and last week) my group,which is discourse,have been reading two plays, and then we had to compare them for similarities and differences. Here is my work

Writing new subject: Persuasive Arguments/speech

Well,we have started a new subject and if you read titles you will know what that is, but In case you didn't, we are doing speeches/arguments. First we had to choose a topic of speech. The topic I chose 
Is...Is It Ever Ok To Lie? Here is my draft.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

My school goal for term 3

My active goal for the rest of this term is  to continually finish my homework and SDL what this means is each week I will do my IXL,Xtra-Math  and Biblionasium,as well as doing my SDL at school time. What SDL means is Self Directed Learning,and with each week we get a different SDL sheet with each week and term,so that means we always have different tasks we must complete weekly. But because we have tech and winter sport we are limited to just 2 to 3 days to do everything that we have to do.

New goals for term 3:writing

My new writing goal for term 3 is punctuation in punctuation we all have a mini goal to do as well as the main one and mine is commas and contractions.

New reading gaols for term 3

It's a new term,and that means new goals for all subjects. My new goal is: Identify/describe effect of language differences between objectives/subjective texts,or,for short, discourse.

New math goals for term 3

In term 3 we have had to change our math goals by using our astle maths report sheet.
The way we do this is by looking at the gaps and to be achieved section. The first one we look at is Gaps,and if we have nothing there we look at to be achieved. At the top of the gaps section you will se that I have two number beside the goal that means that's the one I should choose , and the one that I did Choose was: Explain The Meaning Of Negative Numbers.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Te Reo news weather report

Reading work: Home

In the Main Ideas reading group we read a story called home. The story is a Alian robot who comes to earth to work at a space ship facilty. And one he ignores the rules and takes a spaceship from the docking bay,but,someone saw him when he was getting on the ship it was one of his fellow co-workers she followed him on and once she was on she went around looking for him,then out of no-where the ship launched and she was flung against the wall of the room she was in,then she was nocked out cold. Then she woke up to find three alians standing over her.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Room 26 Learner Licences

I'm my class (rm26) we have this little thing called leaner licences,and,depending on where you are can  change how you learn in the class room. We have four different stages of this licence. There are 
(1)Teacher    (2) Regulated learner   (3) Independent learner and (4) Mobile learner we all get to start at 3 and what that means is we get to sit and do our work anywhere we want in the class.that is what I am at now. The reason I am at the Independent Learner is because I have been doing ok at my learning,which means that I haven't been doing horrible or amazing,but I have been doing good.

Math work: Angles

 For math I have being doing simple angles. And this is my work
I hope you enjoyed looking at what I have been doing.


This is the careers work that we have been doing in RM26 here at oaklands school. We all got to do it about a different job of our choice. I did a swimming tutor,and my freind did a rugby player.

Friday, 15 May 2015

My Discovery with Cameron,Riley and Dominic

We have started our my discovery project which is animation.So far we have started a basic animation on stick pivot.we have slowly made our way from unistructural to multistructural.And our animations are getting better and better with each session of discovery.