Thursday, 24 September 2015

Term 3 Refletion

It is now the end of Term 3,and in this blog post I will be stating 3 things that I did well this Term and 3 things that i could improve on next Term.

3 Things I did well.

(1) Groups. The first thing that I think I did well this Term is choosing my groups/people to I work with.because when I chose the wrong people I would get distracted easily.

(2)Mat.On the mat I feel that I was pretty good,because when on the mat I didn't talk (much)because when you talk on the mat you would get in trouble and you would have to move.So that's my second reason,so on to the last.

(3)Work.I think that I did Pretty well at finishing my work,like with tests,SDL,math,reading and my writing work,I finished it all to a good standard,and I would mostly finish it on time

3 Things that I could improve on next term.

(1)Staying on task.Most of the time would be on task,but,there would always be times when I would get distracted.

(2)Listening.Sometimes when the teacher was explaining something I would stop listening halfway through what they were talking about.And I would later have to ask what we were doing.

(3)The 3rd and final thing that I will need to improve on next term is...Joining in.This is because when we are having a group/class discussion I would normally not participate.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games

over the past 3 days 38 different schools have been competing in a sports tournament called Koru Games.
In this tournament we had a choice out of these sports,Basketball,Football,Volleyball,Netball,Touch,swimming,rugby 7's and lawn bowls. Here at Oakland's our choices were narrowed down to Touch,football,netball and Basketball. The sport that I was put in was touch,all-tho not my favourite game,I had lots of fun playing.

What I really enjoyed about my time playing was the fair play and honesty we received from the opposing teams.Another thing I enjoyed was all the teamwork that we had in our games.And also after every day was over and we were waiting to leave we had a bit of fun just playing games and talking.

Thinking back to the start of the year I think I really improved in my enthusiasm towards the game,because at the start of year I just felt like I didn't want to be there,I just didn't want to play touch,I really just hated the game,but now?I feel like I could just go and play any time and be cool with it.

My goal for the next Koru Games is; if there are more choices in the sports our teachers give us i'll go and try some other one's like (hopefully!) Swimming.