Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Oaklands School 50th Jubilee

On labour day 2014 Oaklands school had its 50th jubilee.And thats makes the school 50 years old,the school has changed allot over the years.50 years ago,in 1964 almost everything was different.There used to only be 7 classes and 240 children,and now we have 25 classes and 580 children.Also we used to have 9 staff but now we have 27 teaching staff.

Back in 1964 the school uniform was very different,back then the boy's wore a white t-shirt and a tie,green shorts or pants.The girls had a white t-shirt and green gym frocks.But thats only the first uniform,because the second was not even a uniform you could wear whatever you wanted.Then it came to what we have now. boy's have a red t-shirt that has oaklands written in green,green shorts or pants.girls wear the same red shirt and have a green skirt,shorts or pants.And both wear green polarfleeces and green hats.The two hat types are bucket hat and brim hat.


In 50 years time we may not even have to go to school,we may only have to pull up a holographic screen at home and have the teachers send us work while we are doing what we normally do at home as well as our school work.