Thursday, 25 September 2014

Mr Lindens Library

Amanda was an average person with short brown hair. Her life was pretty normal,normal house,normal job and a reasnibly normal family and she worked at a supermarket in the city centre. In her spare time she would go to the library and get some books out.Today wasn't a very good day for her.
She lost her job because the supermarket that she worked at somehow went up in flames. And it would only get worse. So to make herself feel better,that afternoon she went to the library. On her way there she ran into the library's owner Mr Linden ." Amanda please try to remember what I'm about to tell you,please DO NOT read the book at the end of the ninth shelf ,I'm sorry but I have to go now"warned Mr Linden as he ran down the street. I wonder what that was all about.amanda thought to herself. And she continued walking to the library. Once she was inside the library a librarian asked her what she was going to get . So Amanda replied " I'll just be getting two books ".then she walked away. First  she walked over to the second shelf and picked out a book called the adventures of the giraffe king. Next she walked to the ninth shelf and spotted a book with a pale fleshy cover she looked closer and noticed it had no title " weird " questioned Amanda. Then she took the two books over to the librarian and said "I'll get these two."

Amanda walked home after she left the library. Once she got home she went to bed and read the untitled book. She opened it to find there was no writing. In confusion she skimmed through the pages untill leaves and vines and even a flower began growing out of the centre of the book. The vines aggressively lached onto her neck and the flower opened and spraied a green dust at her and she fell asleep.

Then she woke up but was still asleep....

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