Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Water cycle info report

The water cycle is why it seems like we have infinite amounts of water;  why we will theoretically never run out; why we never have more or less water; it is always the same amount, this cycle is made up of 5 main stages, these stages are: Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Runoff and groundwater. The technical first stage is Evaporation.

Evaporation is when your water in its liquid form changes into a gas, this gas is called water vapor, this happens faster in places with high amounts of humidity, humidity happens in hot places like a rainforest, when the water evaporates into a gas it then floats into the atmosphere, this is when we get to the next 2 stages, Condensation and Precipitation.

Condensation is when the water vapor that is in the atmosphere condenses together, this is what we call clouds, and these clouds are always been filled with more water vapor until they get to full it begins to rain, this process is Precipitation, Precipitation isn't only rain though it is also snow, hail, and sleet, these are all dependent on the temperature when the clouds precipitate, as well as there being multiple types of Precipitation, there is another form of condensation which is fog, fog is a very dark thick cloud that can only be found very low to the ground, and after the Condensation and Precipitation comes the Runoff and Groundwater.

Runoff is when the precipitated water hit the surface of the land and “runs” down into lakes and rivers, the water the gets into river then flows out into the ocean and the cycle resets, the water that runs into lakes instead of flowing into the ocean it stays in the lake until it evaporates, another thing that can happen, instead of the water running down the land is infiltration which is when the water seep through the earth and into underground lakes and river this is called groundwater and once the water is underground it is then stored in a aquifer and transferred to our home to use for toilets, showers, etc.

So now we know the stages of the water cycle and how they work, and that's all right? Wrong something that's even more important for you to know is to never pollute the ocean, lakes or rivers, because sometimes that pollution can be evaporated along with the water, and so it can taint our water supplies and spread disease, so if you don't want that to happen then keep the water clean, we need to look after the water and our own well-being. (don't be dumb).

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