Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Level 5 author's purpose reading

               W.A.L.T I can describe the author's purpose in relation to structure and language choices in                                                  a text and give relevant evidence ( eg vocabulary used )

For reading, the 9/10 standard had to get watch videos about the three different types of writing, they were : Entertain,Persuade and Inform. Then once we had watched the videos we had to choose three out of selection of six texts. Once chosen we would write them down on a doc then we would read the text and decide if the authors purpose was to inform,to persuade or to entertain then we had to write down three specific structure and language choices that the author had made for each text then we had to write down three structure and language similarities and differences. Once we had competed that we were to complete the blog post that you are reading right now.

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