Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Reading Reflection

Today the year 7/8 team did a reading activity around the flag referendum. For this activity we were given  three texts to read all two were different opinions and the the third held texts for both sides, once we had read the texts we had to copy a doc that the teacher had mad for us, the doc was split in the middle because their are two sides of the argument, on each side we had to write down reasons/evidence for keeping the flag or changing the flag from the texts once we had finished writing the information down we had to highlight one of these four words: Common Knowledge, Personal Opinion, Statistics and expert opinion. We highlighted the one we thought fitted the most with the information we had picked out, next was at the bottom of each side of the doc and it was, Overall the evidence for this side is strong/weak/uncertain… because. for that we had to highlight either strong,weak or uncertain and right why we thought that.

Now for the reflection part. Personally I think that I did pretty average for this activity because at the last part I didn't put more than needed for the "Because"part.

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